New Profile Background Feature
Great news! More opportunities to customize your profile, stand out from your peers and get people to want to know you. LinkedIn is rolling out a feature (first to Premium, then to Free members) that will allow you to upload a custom background for your profile. When this becomes available to you, create an image (1400 X 425 pixels) to upload to your profile. The instructions from LinkedIn for ....

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LinkedIn Polls in Groups Will Be Retired
Effective May 15th, LinkedIn polls in groups will no longer be supported. You can still engage with other members by posting a question to get the group's response, sharing an update, or participating in conversations directly on the LinkedIn homepage.....

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LinkedIn Adds ‘Member Blocking’ Feature
LinkedIn will now allow you to block members. What this means for you: If a connection is becoming a nuisance or a stalker, you need not receive messages from them. LinkedIn will not notify the person that you blocked them and only you will be able to unblock the member. To block someone, go to their profile and select "Block" from the drop-down menu at the ....

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LinkedIn Enhances ‘Who Has Viewed Your Profile’ Feature
LinkedIn has added new visual analytics and insights that give you more ways to understand your target audience and increase your visibility. You can see who has viewed your profile sorted by job title, company and how they found your profile. And you can see the history of views. It also suggests ways you can increase profile views. What this means for you: It....

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Influencer Program Open to Members
Great News! LinkedIn just opened their Influencer program to the entire membership. That means, if you like to produce original content and want to share your thought-leadership with up to 250 million people (LinkedIn members), you'll have the opportunity. The Influencer feature allows all members to follow people and content that is relevant to them.  When you publish a Linke....

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