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Welcome to the MBA LinkedIn Intensive course!


(William Arruda)

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Duration: 55 mins.

How to make the most of this program:

  1. Watch the videos in order (Module 1 – Branding, Module 2 – Profile, Module 3 – Contacts, Module 4 – Career). This is a serial process. Don’t move onto the next step in the process until you have completed the actions related to the to where you currently are.
  2. While watching the videos, follow along using the Checklist – identifying the actions you commit to taking.
  3. Where you see a + in the Checklist, refer to the associated exercise in the Workbook. You can pause the video and complete the exercise or watch the entire video and complete all exercises related to that step in the process. Replay the video as often as necessary.
  4. Where you see an X in the Checklist, watch the supplemental video to help deepen your learning and complete any associated exercises.
  5. Enjoy the process! We have made the format of the program and the exercises fun to make it more likely that you will complete the program, have a stellar LinkedIn profile and build a strategy for using LinkedIn to advance your career.