Cleveland Cavaliers: 5-2

Who would you expect?
LeBron James’ Cavaliers could struggle to jell offensively, and they may not have the personnel to construct an elite defense at all. Neither of these issues stopped them from earning the NBA’s greatest name odds–mainly because a long season will provide new head coach David Blatt lots of time to work out the kinks.
And if he can not figure everything out, he’s still got the best player on the planet on his group. That alone is sufficient to warrant Cleveland’s spot here.
There’s reason to believe the Cavs will hit the floor running on crime, and not just because they have this absurdly talented core. The truth is we’ve seen these men can be during preseason play.
James, Kyrie Irving, Kevin Love and Dion Waiters all attempted three or more triples per game during exhibition period, and all four connected on at least 41 percent of those shots. James, because he isn’t human, made just 50 percent.
You may think it’s impossible for all four of those players to sustain such a large collective percentage, but in an offense where double-teaming anyone–or perhaps helping a smidgen too harshly –results in wide-open chances to get a another scoring dynamo, well. . .let’s just say the capacity for league-leading offense is there.
Irving was a preseason lightning bolt, with all defenders’ hesitation to leave their assignments to dart into the lane if he wanted. Drive-and-kick opportunities were endless, and they will continue to be–unless the league makes it possible for opponents to utilize six players against Cleveland.
In fact, even then…
Injuries, the slog of an 82-game year and various other uncertainties mean there are no sure things in the NBA.
But the Cavs come close.

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